Attorney Email Lists

Attorney email lists and direct mailing lists are used by companies in an attempt to sell a product or service to the attorneys on the lists. These lists can be purchased from marketing list providers or from state bar associations.

Advantages Of Attorney Email Lists

There a few advantages to purchasing attorney email lists or direct mailing list from a list provider instead of a state bar association. The marketing list purchased from a list provider will always be the same, easy to use format while the lists from some states require the companies to purchase software so the information on the lists can be used. Most list providers have a customer service department if there are problems with the list. Also, the list can be used as many times as the companies want to use it.

The types of marketing lists that companies can purchase include general lists and custom attorney email listslists. General lists may not generate as many sales because they aren’t directed toward a specific firm type, size or location. These lists may be better for a company just starting out because they cost less and the company can experiment with the list as much as needed until the target market is determined. Companies who have already defined their target market and know their niche could purchase a more expensive custom list that details attorney firms in their target market.

No matter which type of attorney email list companies use, they should attempt to get each firm’s permission to keep sending marketing messages to them. Opt-in leads allow companies to market their product or service to firms or individuals in a firm who have an interest in their product or service. Some people may feel that opt-in emails are the same as spam emails, but they are not the same. A spam message is an email message sent to hundreds or thousands of people with the exact same wording, but an opt-in email message is only sent to people who express an interest in a certain product or service and usually includes their name at the top of the message.

Companies who want to create their own opt-in list probably should not buy a list from other companies who aren’t familiar with them. They should never sell or rent the opt-in list once it is compiled. They should not trick people into opening the email messages they send to them. They should also immediately unsubscribe people who do not want to receive the emails.

Marketing Attorney Email Lists

When marketing to an attorney email list or direct mailing list, companies should be very professional and begin by explaining the benefits of the product or service they are marketing and how it will make the attorney’s life easier. Making the messages short and getting to the point as soon as possible will increase the chance of creating curiosity or interest in the product or service. Sending text messages is another creative way for companies to get the information about their product or service to busy attorneys who spend a lot of time out of their office. All of these tips should help you with attorney email lists.

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