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Email marketing, which usually begins with the purchase of a cheap email list, is one of the most cost effective marketing strategies today. It’s cheap, efficient, and results-oriented. No matter what type of service or product you are selling, email marketing is bound to give you positive results in connecting with your target consumer market.

cheap email opt inHow does marketing via email lists work? It’s quite simple. You will send out your marketing materials through an email blast and the recipients will immediately receive the information. It’s as simple as sending an email to everyone in your address book. However, your product and service may not be suitable for every one and you may want to send emails only to those who fit your targeted market segment. This is where an email list comes in. A cheap email list may be bought from various Internet sellers. Each email list is categorized according to demographics. If you need to reach out to women aged twenty one to thirty who work in the corporate world, you can purchase an email list that contains email addresses of women who fit this category.

Cheap Email Opt In List Instructions

When you purchase an email list, you automatically get access to email addresses of thousands of potential customers. Most businesses claim that email marketing can increase product sales overnight. You can buy an email list that specifically fits your business’s needs by looking at the catalog of email list sellers. The demographics are usually provided alongside the price of each list. For example, you can purchase an email list that contains email addresses of well-off businessmen, online shoppers, college-graduates, investment company account holders, healthcare professionals, and many others. This key information comes in handy because you don’t want to sell your product or service to the wrong market. If your email list marketing is aimed at sending health news alerts, then you have to buy an email list that services individuals who are either involved or interested in the healthcare or medical field. Email list sellers also attest to the fact that the addresses in the lists they are selling belong to opt-in subscribers who actually read the emails you send and are willing to purchase your products.

Cheap Email List Prices

There are online sellers which offer email lists for as low as $10 to about $30. These email lists are comprised of an average of 10,000 to 300,000 email addresses that are from selected regions in the United States. Email lists are usually identified according to state or email provider. For example, you can choose between a Hotmail email list or a Gmail email list. Thousands of Hotmail or Gmail email addresses which could be your customers are then made available to you for a low price of $10. When it comes to the state category, you will have to further identify the industry where the individuals in the email list belong. Are they from the construction industry? Or are they from the theater and arts industry? You don’t want to sell belly dancing tutorial videos to construction workers, so be careful when choosing. Email list sellers sometimes limit a customer to only one email list purchase. Most email list sellers accept both credit/debit card payments and PayPal. For those who sell very cheap email list products, however, they only accept PayPal.

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