College Email Lists

College email lists are often compiled for informational purposes and not intended to be used in direct email marketing campaigns. There are some stipulations to obtaining a list of the email addresses of college students. For attendees of public colleges and universities the names and email contact information is readily available for purchase through brokers who specialize in educational marketing.

Educational marketing access isn’t granted to third parties when the request is made for a private college’s email directory. Although, it is possible to obtain the email addresses for administrators, professors, assistant professors and adjunct staff members on the Internet by conducting a search for a specific name.

Generally, email addresses for college students aren’t sold for private use, even if the request is valid. Educational marketing companies are allowed to provide email contact information for public colleges if they have selected to opt-in and want to receive pertinent and relevant information from third party vendors.

Purchasing College Email Lists

Purchasing an email directory of college personnel is strictly for business use only, for the sole expressed purpose of third party marketing efforts. Unfortunately, public lists are often sold to individuals who misrepresent themselves to send unsolicited emails.

college email listsWhen requested from a legitimate broker, the lists are intended for the third party to send emails to interested parties for educational related products or services. The email lists contains complete contact information for all students, faculty and staff members for the requested college, generally the names appear as spelled in the college directory. The name and email addresses will appear in the list if the student or college personnel released the rights to the information and agreed to make their information public for inclusion in the directory. An example of this would be a student choosing non-inclusion. It is well within their legal and personal rights not to be identified as a student or have their email address released to a third party.

Email lists purchased from online brokers provide instant access to the email database. Students’ email addresses whether attending a public or private university or colleges aren’t available online, this information is only available for purchase. The database is only accessible with a user name and password.

Accurate College Email Lists

The information contained in the college email lists is self-reported, this means that the email address may not be accurate. However, most reputable email brokers will attempt to verify each email address before the list is sold. Some colleges enacted strict email distribution policies and simply choose not to release any information to third parties. Email contact information is released on a case by case basis, if the request is a valid one. This is an effort to cut down on the amount of spam or “junk mail” that is received.

As with any marketing efforts, college email lists can contain duds, addresses that aren’t valid or have been changed. Sometimes this occurs simply because the person changed their email address or if they didn’t log into their account and it is listed as inactive. Update your college email lists regularly to avoid this.

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  1. tiron gibbs says:

    we would like email lists of alumni and graduating seniors from 4 year colleges in IL, MI, OH, WI, MN, IN, and IA.

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