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There are two different kinds of email lists for free; One is being collected through a
system like record books or phone books or financial institutions and the other is considered to be a response list which would have been compiled through advertisements in the internet or through magazine subscriptions. These e-mail addresses are normally of the people who have already enquired about a specific product.

Targeting Your Email Lists For Free

When you are thinking of getting email lists for free, then it is important for you to consider
the purpose of this list. What kind of geographical area are you thinking of targeting. If you are advertising a special event in a specific city or country, then a response e-mail will definitely be able to give you better results, however, if you are trying to get information across a whole country then getting through a mass number of people maybe the most common thing to do.

email lists for freeAlso, it is also good to have a response email lists for free where you have a clientele which is interested in a specific topic. For example, if you are a yoga instructor, and you run a website for yoga practitioners and you ask them to subscribe to your monthly newsletter, then the list which will be available to you will of those who are interested in yoga and therefore, if you are having an special event, then sending them the information will make more sense and it will keep your e-mail address alive, otherwise, if you are sending this information to a vast amount of people, but they are people who have no idea of who you are, they may think you are some kind of spam and they will not even open your mail in the first place.

Using Agencies For Email Lists For Free

Since there is so much demand for email lists for free and mailing addresses in the United States alone, it is a very good idea to sometimes approach an agency that has the knowledge of the audience you are looking at targeting and then only go through the possibilities that you have to send your e- mails. Any event or invitation can easily be sent to a vast number of people around the whole world, however, what are the costs involved in the process, even if you are getting the e-mail list for free and what are the results that you are going to get from the process are all important factors which need to be studied properly in order to be successful in these kinds of strategies.

If you are looking at targeting a very specific market then it is best to have complex email lists for free that are going to give you the flexibility to follow up on your e-mails and which will be giving you more options like telemarketing or further invitations and information which you know will hit the targets and will keep your customers informed of the coming event and will keep on reminding them so that they do not forget.

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  1. Donald Bob says:

    I need an email contact address from USA for business advertise

  2. Tom Astrike says:

    looking for a realitively short, 2000 – 5000 list of email addresses that have recently applied or inquired about “New Ventures”, “Bussiness opportunities” something to that effect, eunterp’s type

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