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There has been a great deal of discussion in recent years regarding whether or not an online business should use a free email list generator. These discussions primarily center around the ethical use of such software. The effectiveness of these types of programs are not debatable. The online business world is highly competitive. Most small businesses will fail in their first year due to inability to retain clients.

Essentially, doing business online is no different than doing business offline. The individual needs a place to sell their goods or services, a means of advertising their goods and services, a means of delivering said goods and services, and the ability to communicate with their clients effectively. The free email list generator software types are both advertising and client communications email list generator

What Is A Free Email List Generator?

A free email list generator is a program that acquires email addresses through internet searches for file locations, creates an opt-in mailing list, or collects addresses from individuals that e-mail the company or leave comments on articles and blog posts. These programs allow the site owner to rapidly build a list of potential customers.

Are These Programs Legal?

These programs vary in their legality. Generally speaking, an opt-in mailing list is the safest choice for a business since the e-mail address owner chose to add their e-mail address to a list. Sometimes this can be achieved simply by allowing the individual to check a box that allows for further contact after they make a purchase or post a comment.

Programs that search for addresses or capture information without permission vary in their legality among various countries. Anti-spam laws are in effect in many countries, and e-mailing people without their consent may fall under this category.

If an e-mail list generator is used it is best to always allow for a “remove from list link” with every message sent to the address. This allows the individual to freely opt out of the list.

How Useful Is A Free Email List Generator?

These types of lists are incredibly useful. The ability to keep in touch with clients or potential customers is vital. The ability to spread the word about a new product or sale, send out a newsletter, or even announce site outage times may prove to be incredibly useful for running a business. With these lists the business owner only needs to send out their email one time and all individuals on the list will receive the message. If this method is used responsibly and with permission from the email address owner it will drastically improve client retention and sales.

These types of lists are simply easy to use lists of addresses for potential customers. They are neither illegal nor unethical if used properly. If the client wants to be on the list then they willingly allow messages from the company who holds the list. If the customer does not wish to be on the list then they may opt out of being included in the free email list generator.

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